Thursday, November 10, 2011

September 17th-30th

September 17th-
This is my coffee a day after spending some time with my friend Rosy. She introduced me to condensed milk in my coffee. It has never been the same. I have never turned back. It has been the demise of my hope to ever get back to "normal" weight.

September 18th-
I took a meal to the Delgado's, a family who watched Critter in the toddler class for quite sometime. Him and Ramero were very fond of each other. Sweet! They have three girls and God just blessed them with a baby boy. I like to think that God used Critter to prepare them for little Maddox. Love them!

September 19th-
He rules her and she always looks at me like, "Why do you allow this?" hahahah!!
September 20th-
How could you not love this picture? Critter had the sweet face in all the shoots before until I finally made Daniel smile and Christopher got funny. :)

September 21-
Miss Joanne...or Miss JoJo...or to Critter Mi NoNo! He loves her. She has brought him far in speech therapy.

September 22- This is the only picture that wasn't taken on "this day" in September. It was taken within the week but it is too good to pass up and not post and a fantastic replacement for a missing "pic of the day".

September 23rd-
Waiting for friends to arrive for the evening to play!

September 24th-
Pillow fight!!!!!

September 25th-
We Niam and Monique and there three boys over for lunch and football after church. We hung out for a long time. I can't believe I didn't get a good pic of their family. I have had company like 4 times since I have tanked on my project and every time had good intentions but missed them all. :/ At least I got this! :))

September 26th-
This tank is at his Speech Therapy class and he wants to look at it every time we leave.

September 27th-
I don't remember who he was playing .... it may have even been me.. but he was home from school that day...oh so it must have been me. haha All the others were at school. I bet I won! :)

September 28th-
He takes pictures of himself with my phone all the time. It is hilarious! He actually posted my very first Instagram photo and I didn't even know it and has done it several times since. I love it!!

September 29th-
Come on! I have been trying to get prints of my boys and I have nothing on him because this is what I get. haha I like how I can see his eye peeking though. :)

September 30th-
Had to pick Eddie up at the Police Station around midnight! Really? Yep! He went on a ride along with a friend that had picked him up from the house and then got stuck at station with a bust!! It was exciting!!


The Romans November 10, 2011 at 5:10 PM  

oh so I guess I did it backwards! the photos should be flipped in order. At least I did it! :))

The Whiddons December 29, 2011 at 6:42 PM  

Glad he got to go on the promised "kick a@*" ride along!

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